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CSE 8th Semester Regulation 2008 Syllabus Anna University | BE Computer Science and Engineering

Anna university

Anna University CSE 8th Semester Syllabus  For Regulation 2008

Meant for Anna University Chennai / Trinelveli

Syllabus for all subjects under CSE 8th Semester Regulation 2008

(Regulation 2008)
University:Anna University
Year: Fourth Year
Department:  BE Computer Science and Engineering
Semester: VIII
Content: Anna University CSE 8th Semester Syllabus  For Regulation 2008 

Subjects :
  1. E5 Elective V
  2. E6 Elective VI


  • CS2451 Project Work 

 Elective V

  1. GE2071 Intellectual Property Rights 
  2. CS2051 Graph Theory
  3. IT2042 Information Security 
  4. CS2053 Soft Computing
  5. IT2023 Digital Image Processing 
  6. CS2055 Software Quality Assurance
  7. CS2056 Distributed Systems
  8. CS2057 Knowledge Based Decision Support Systems
  9. GE2025 Professional Ethics in Engineering
  10. GE 2023 Fundamentals of Nanoscience

E5 Elective VI

  1. GE2072 Indian Constitution and Society 
  2. CS2060 High Speed Networks
  3. CS2061 Robotics 
  4. IT2403 Software Project Management
  5. CS2062 Quantum Computing
  6. CS2063 Grid Computing
  7. CS2064 Agent Based Intelligent Systems 
  8. IT2033 Bio Informatics
  9. IT2064 Speech Signal Processing

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GE2071 Intellectual Property Rights  Syllabus
CS2051 Graph Theory  Syllabus
IT2042 Information Security   Syllabus
CS2053 Soft Computing  Syllabus
IT2023 Digital Image Processing  Syllabus
CS2055 Software Quality Assurance  Syllabus
CS2056 Distributed Systems  Syllabus
CS2057 Knowledge Based Decision Support Systems  Syllabus
GE2021 Professional Ethics in Engineering  Syllabus
GE 2023 Fundamentals of Nanoscience  Syllabus
GE2072 Indian Constitution and Society   Syllabus
CS2060 High Speed Networks  Syllabus
CS2061 Robotics  Syllabus
IT2403 Software Project Management  Syllabus
CS2062 Quantum Computing  Syllabus
CS2063 Grid Computing  Syllabus
CS2064 Agent Based Intelligent Systems  Syllabus
IT2033 Bio Informatics Syllabus
IT2064 Speech Signal Processing Syllabus

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