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ECE 6th Semester Regulation 2008 Syllabus Anna University | BE Electronics and Communication Engineering

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Anna University ECE 6th Semester Syllabus  For Regulation 2008

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Syllabus for all subjects under ECE 6th Semester Regulation 2008

(Regulation 2008)
University:Anna University
Year: Third Year
Department: Electronics and Communication Engineering 
Semester: SIX
Content: Anna University ECE 6th Semester Syllabus  For Regulation 2008

Subjects :

  • MG2351 Principles of Management
  • EC2351 Measurements and Instrumentation
  • EC2352 Computer Networks
  • C2353 Antenna and Wave Propagation
  • EC2354 VLSI Design
  • E1 Elective I

Practical :

  • EC2356 Computer Networks Lab
  • EC2357 VLSI Design Lab
  • GE2321 Communication Skills Lab

Elective I

  • EC2021 Medical Electronics
  • EC2022 Operating Systems
  • EC2023 Solid State Electronic Devices
  • EC2024 Speech Processing
  • MA2264 Numerical Methods
  • CS2021 Multicore Programming

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MG2351 Principles of Management Syllabus
EC2351 Measurements and Instrumentation Syllabus
EC2352 Computer Networks Syllabus
C2353 Antenna and Wave Propagation Syllabus
EC2354 VLSI Design Syllabus
EC2356 Computer Networks Lab Syllabus
EC2357 VLSI Design Lab Syllabus
GE2321 Communication Skills Lab Syllabus
EC2021 Medical Electronics Syllabus
EC2022 Operating Systems Syllabus
EC2023 Solid State Electronic Devices Syllabus
EC2024 Speech Processing Syllabus
MA2264 Numerical Methods Syllabus
CS2021 Multicore Programming Syllabus

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