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EEE 6th Semester Regulation 2008 Syllabus Anna University | BE Electrical and Electronics Engineering

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Anna University EEE 6th Semester Syllabus  For Regulation 2008

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Syllabus for all subjects under EEE 6th Semester Regulation 2008

(Regulation 2008)
University:Anna University
Year: Third Year
Department: BE Electrical and Electronics  Engineering 
Semester: Six
Content: Anna University EEE 6th Semester Syllabus  For Regulation 2008

Subjects :

EE2351 Power System Analysis
EE2352 Solid State Drives
EE2353 High Voltage Engineering
EE2354 Microprocessors & Microcontroller
EE2355 Design of Electrical Machines
CS2361 Computer Networks
E1 Elective I

Practical :

EE2356 Microprocessor and Micro controller Laboratory
EE2357 Presentation Skills and Technical Seminar


EE2021 Fibre Optics and Laser Instruments
CS2021 Visual Languages and Applications
EE2022 Advanced Control System
EE2023 Robotics & Automation
GE2025 Professional Ethics in Engineering
EE2027 Power System Transients

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EE2351 Power System Analysis Syllabus
EE2352 Solid State Drives Syllabus
EE2353 High Voltage Engineering Syllabus
EE2354 Microprocessors & Microcontroller Syllabus
EE2355 Design of Electrical Machines Syllabus
CS2361 Computer Networks Syllabus
EE2356 Microprocessor and Micro controller Laboratory Syllabus
EE2357 Presentation Skills and Technical Seminar Syllabus
EE2021 Fibre Optics and Laser Instruments Syllabus
CS2021 Visual Languages and Applications Syllabus
EE2022 Advanced Control System Syllabus
EE2023 Robotics & Automation Syllabus
GE2021 Professional Ethics in Engineering Syllabus
EE2027 Power System Transients Syllabus
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