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CS2203/8023004/CS1202/CS35/1044 CS304 Object Oriented Programming(OOP) 2 Marks (Part A )Question Bank

Anna university
B.E/B.Tech Degree Examination 
Department of Computer science and Engineering and Information Technology

Question Bank
(Regulation 2008)
Year: second Year
Department: B.E Computer Science and Engineering/B. Tech Information Technology
Content: CS2203/8023004/CS1202/CS35/1044 CS304 Object Oriented Programming (OOP's)
2 Marks Question Bank 
Subject code: CS2203/8023004/CS1202/CS35/1044 CS304
Subject Name: Object Oriented Programming (OOP's)


1. What is Object Oriented Programming?
2. What are Objects?
3. Write any four features of OOPS.
4. What are the basic concepts of OOPS?
5. What is Procedure oriented language?
6. What is Encapsulation?
7. What is Data Abstraction?
8. Give any four advantages of OOPS.
9. What are tokens?
10. What are keywords?
11. Rules for naming the identifiers in C++.
12. What are the operators available in C++?
13. What is a scope resolution operator?
14. What are free store operators (or) Memory management operators?
15. What do you mean by enumerated data type?
16. What is meant by Assertions?
17. Define the term Standard Template Library (STL).


1. Define the term Aggregate Type Struct.
2. What is structure Pointer Operator?
3. What is Union?
4. Define Bit Fields.
5. How the Class is specified?
6. How the member functions are defined?
7. Define constructor.
8. Define default constructor.
9. Define parameterized constructor.
10. What is the ambiguity between default constructor and default argument
11. Define copy constructor.
12. Define default argument constructor.
13. Define Destructor.
14. Write some special characteristics of constructor.
15. How the objects are initialized dynamically?
16. What is static data member?
17. What is static member function?
18. What is the use of this keyword?
19. Difference between Structure and Union.


1. What is Polymorphism? What are its types?
2. What is Function overloading? Give an example.
3. What are Overloaded function selection algorithms?
4. What is Operator overloading?
5. List out the Operators that cannot be overloaded.
6. What is the purpose of using Operator function? Write its syntax.
7. Write at least four rules for Operator overloading.
8. How will you overload Unary & Binary operator using member functions?
9. How will you overload Unary and Binary operator using Friend functions?
10. How an overloaded operator can be invoked using member functions?
11. How an overloaded operator can be invoked using Friend functions?
12. List out the operators that cannot be overloaded using Friend function.
13. What is meant by Overloading Operators?
14. Define the term Pointer Operators.


1. What is Inheritance? Explain the need of Inheritance with Suitable Examples.
2. What are the differences between the Accesses specifies private and protected?
3. Explain the syntax for declaring the derived class.
4. What are the different forms of Inheritance supported by C++?
5. What is Visibility mode? What are the different inheritance Visibility modes supported
by C++?
6. Give any two Benefits of Inheritance
7. When to use the Inheritance Concept?
8. What are virtual Functions?
9. Give the syntax of virtual function?
10. Define Pure Virtual Function?
11. Give the syntax of Pure Virtual Functions?
12. Justify the need for Virtual Functions in C++?
13. Give any two rules for Virtual functions
14. What are Abstract Classes?
15. What are Exceptions?
16. What is Exception Handling?


1. What is Generic programming?
2. What is Function Template?
3. What is Class Template?
4. What are Streams?
5. What are C++ streams?
6. Define Predefined console stream
7. Define Unformatted I/o operations
8. Define formatted console operations
9. What are Manipulators?
10. What are the types of Manipulators?
11. Define custom / user defined manipulators
12. Define Parameterized custom manipulators
13. Why is secondary memory preferred to main memory for permanent storage of
programs and data?
14. What is a File?
15. Explain the various file stream classes needed for File Manipulators.
16. What are the steps involving Opening and Closing of Files.

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