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CS2201/CS 33/ 10144 CS 302/08023007 Data Structures Unit III Question Bank

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CS2201/CS 33/ 10144 CS 302/08023007 Data Structures Question Bank for Unit I 

Department of Computer science and Engineering 

Meant for Anna University Coimbatore,trichy,trinelveli

Question Bank
(Regulation 2008/2010)
University:Anna University
Year: second Year
Department: B.E Computer Science and Engineering
Content:CS2201/CD 33/ 10144 CS 302/08023007 Data Structures Question Bank for Unit I 
Subject code: CS2201/CD 33/ 10144 CS 302/08023007 
Subject Name: Data Structures ( DS )
Unit Number: 1
Regulation: 2008 or 2010 
Post Type: Question Bank


  1.         Define ADT
  2. What is the need for ADT
  3. What is List ADT
  4. Give the array implementation of list
  5. What is Doubly linked list
  6. What is meant by circularly linked list
  7. Write short note on multilist
  8. What is Stack ADT
  9. What is post fix notation
  10. How will you Balance the parenthesis  in the expression 
  11. What is Queue ADT
  12. What is an abstract data type? (Jan 06), Jun 05, Dec06, Jun 06,jun07
  13. What is pointer? Compare it with cursor. (Jan 06)
  14. What is the postfix equivalent of the infix expression a+b*c+(d*e+f)*g? (Jan 06), Jun 05
  15. What are the applications of linked list? May 06, Jun 06
  16. Construct  the expression tree for the expression ab+cde+**. May 06
  17. Differentiate circularly lined list and linear linked list. Nov 05
  18. Write procedure for changing the ith  element of the stack. Nov 05 
  19. Define a list.  Mention any two operations that are performed on a list. Dec06
  20. What are the advantages of linked list over array? Jun 06
  21. Give any two applications of stacks. Jun 06
  22. List the characteristics of stacks May 07

                                                 PART A QUESTION BANK

1. Explain in detail the steps involved in Top down Design. (16)

2. Write the verification condition of a program segments with
i) Straight line statements (4)
ii) Branches (6)
iii) Loops (6)
3. Write short notes on efficiency of an algorithm (16)
4. Write short notes on analysis of an algorithm (16)
5. (a) Develop an algorithm to compute the sums for the first n terms
S=1+ (1/2) + (1/3) +.... (8)
(b) Discuss in detail about the implementation of the algorithm. (8)
6. (a) Write an algorithm to reverse the digits of a decimal number. (8)
(b) Write an algorithm to compute the Fibonacci series for ‘n’ terms. (8)


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