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CS2201/CS 33/ 10144 CS 302/08023007 Data Structures Unit V Question Bank

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CS2201/CS 33/ 10144 CS 302/08023007 Data Structures Question Bank for Unit V

Department of Computer science and Engineering 

Meant for Anna University Coimbatore,trichy,trinelveli

Question Bank
(Regulation 2008/2010)
University:Anna University
Year: second Year
Department: B.E Computer Science and Engineering
Content:CS2201/CS 33/ 10144 CS 302/08023007 Data Structures Question Bank for Unit I 
Subject code: CS2201/CS 33/ 10144 CS 302/08023007 
Subject Name: Data Structures ( DS )
Unit Number: 5
Regulation: 2008 or 2010 
Post Type: Question Bank



1. Types of automatic list management?
2. What do you meant by Reference count method?
3. What is Garbage collection
4. What is compaction?
5. Give the purpose of list management?
6. What are the disadvantages of reference count method?
7. What are the phases of garbage collection?
8. What do you mean by thrashing?
9. What are the types of pointers?
10. What are methods of implementing add on and tail operations in linked list?
11. Define first fit
12. Define best fit.
13. Define worst fit.
14. What is internal and external fragmentation?
15. What are the types of buddy system?


1. Explain the linked list representation of a list with an example. (16)
2. Explain reference count method with an example. (16)
3. Explain garbage collection with their variations. (16)
4. Explain the dynamic memory management with necessary methods. (16)
5. Write about operations in linked linear lists. (16)
6. Explain the linked list implementation of stack ADT in detail. (16)


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