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CS2302/CS 52/10144 CS503/Computer Networks May/June 2013 CSE 5th Sem Question Paper Regulation 2008

Anna university

BE/ B Tech Degree Examination May/June 2013

CS2302/ CS 52/ 10144 CS503/ Computer Networks May/ June 2013 Question Paper Regulation 2008

Department of Computer science and Engineering 
(Common to Information Technology)

Meant for Anna University Coimbatore,trichy,trinelveli
(common to PTCS 2302-Computer Networks for BE(Part -Time)
fourth Semester CSE Regulation 2009)

Question Paper
(Regulation 2008/2010)
University:Anna University
Year: third  Year
Department: B.E Computer Science and Engineering and B Tech Information Technology
Semester:Semester (V)
Content: CS2302/ CS 52/ 10144 CS503 Computer Networks Question Paper CSE 5th SEM Regulation 2008
Subject code: CS2302/CS 52/10144 CS503 
Subject Name: Computer Networks
Regulation: 2008 or 2010 
Post Type: Question Paper
Question Paper  year: may/ june 2013 

CS 2302/CS 52110144 CS 503 - COMPUTER NETWORKS 
(Common to Information Technology) 

(Common to PTCS 2302 - Computer Networka for H.E. (Part-Time) Fourth Semester CSE - Regulation 2009) 

(Regulation 2008/2010) 

Time: Three hours                                                                     Maximum: 100 marks 

Answer ALL questions. 
PART A - (10 x 2 = 20 marks)

1. Give the purpose oflayering?

2. Mention the advantage and disadvantage of error correction by receiver, as compared to error detection.

3. How is the minimum size of an ethernet frame determined?

4. How does an FDDI node determine whether it can send asynchronous traffic and synchronous traffic?

5. Compare circuit switching and virtual circuit based packet switching, in

respect of queueing and forwarding delays.

6. Differentiate between connection less operation and connection oriented operation.

7. Why is UDP pseudo header included in UDP checksum calculation? What is the effect of an invalid checksum at the receiving UDP?

8. How can the effect of jitter be compensated'? What type of applications require this compensation?

9. What are the advantages of allowing persistent TCP connections in HTTP?

10. Is a cryptographic hash function, an irreversible mapping? Justify your answer.

PART B - (5 x 1() = 80 marks) 

11. (a) (0 Discuss the framing technique used in HDLC. What is the effect of errors on this framing? (8)

(ii) The message 11001001 is to be transmitted, using eRC errol' detection algorithm. Assuming the CHU polynomial to be x3 + 1, determine the message that should be trunsmittcd, If the second

left moat hit is corrupted, show that it is detected by the receiver. (8)

(b) 0) DiACUHS the principle of stop and wait now control algorithm. Draw time line diagrams and explain how loss of n frame and loss of an

(ii) Assume that a frame consists of 6 characters encoded in 7-bit ASCII. Attach a parity bit for every character to maintain even parity. Also attach a similar parity bit for each bit position across each of the bytes in the frame. Show that such a 2-dimensional parity scheme can detect all I-bit, 2-bit and 3-bit errors and can correct a single bit error. (8)

12. (a) (i) An IEEE 802.5 token ring has 5 stations and a total wire length of

230 m. How many bits of delay must the monitor insert into the ring? Calculate this for both <1 Mbps and 16 Mbps rings. The propagation speed may be assumed to be 2.3 X 108 mls. (6) 

(ii) Discuss the problems encountered in appJying CSMNCD algorithm to wireless LANs. How does 802.11 specification solve these problems. (10)


(h) (i) Discuss the limitations of bridges. (6)

(ii) Determine the maximum diatance between any pair of stations in a CSMAlCD network with a data rate of 10 Mbps, for the correct operation of collision detection process, assuming the minimum frame size to be 512 bits. What should be the maximum distance if the data rate is increased to 1 Gbps? 2 stations A and B, connected to the opposite ends of a IO-Mbps CSMAlCD network, start transmission of long frames at times tl = 0 and t2 = 3f.lS

respectively. Determine the instants when A hears the collision and

B hears the collision. Signal propagation speed may be assumed as

13. (a) (i) A '1480-byie datagram is to be trnnsmittcd through an ethernet with a maximum data size of' 11300 bytes in frames. Show the vnluns of Total Length, M Flag, identification and fragment ofli;;el fields in each of the fragments created out of the datagram. (10)

(ii) Discuss the principles of reliable flooding and its advantages and

applications, (6)


(b) (0 For the following network, develop the datagram forwarding table for all the nodes. The links arc labelled with relative costs. The tables should forward each packet ViH the least cost path to deatination. (10)

(ii) What is the need for ICMP? Mention  any four ICMP messages and their purpose. (6)

14. (a) (i) Suppose TCP operates over a I-Gbps link, utilising the full bandwidth continuously. How long will it take for the sequence numbers to wrap around completely? Suppose an added 32-bit timestamp field increments ] 000 times during this wrap around time, how long will it take for tho timestamp filed to wrap around? (8)

(ii) What is the need for Nagle'S algorithm? How does it determine when to transmit data? (8)


(b) (i) A TCP machine is sending full windows of 65,535 bytes over a I-Gbps network that has a lO-ms one-way delay. What is the throughput achievable? What is the efficiency of transmission? How many bits are needed in the Advertised window field of a proposed reliable byte stream protocol (like 'rCP) running over the above network, for achieving maximum efficiency? (8)

(ii) Illustrate the features of TCP that can be used by the sender to insert record boundaries into the byte stream. Also mention their original purpose. (8)

15     (a) Discuss the need for name resolution. Illustrate the domain name hierarchy and the steps in resolution.


(b) (i) Illuatrnte the features of FTP and its operation. (8)

(ii) Illustrate the features of TELNET. What is the need for network virtual terminal?

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