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080230058 Real Time Systems CSE 8th Semester Anna University Coimbatore Syllabus Regulation 2008

Anna university Coimbatore Syllabus

080230058 Real Time Systems CSE 8th Semester Anna University Coimbatore Syllabus Regulation 2008
Department of Computer science and Engineering 

Meant for Anna University Coimbatore

(Regulation 2008/2010)
University:Anna University
Year: Fourth  Year
Department: B.E Computer Science and Engineering 
Semester:  (VIII) 
Content: 080230058 Real Time Systems CSE 8th Semester Anna University Coimbatore Syllabus Regulation 2008
Subject code: 080230058
Subject Name: Real Time Systems
Regulation: 2008 or 2010 
Post Type: Syllabus

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Introduction-Issues in Real Time Computing-Structure of a Real Time System-Task Classes-Performance  Measures  for  Real  Time  Systems-Estimating  Program  Run Times-Task Assignment and Scheduling-Classical Uniprocessor scheduling algorithms- Uniprocessor scheduling of IRIS Tasks-Task Assignment-Mode Changes-Fault Tolerant Scheduling.

UNIT II          
PROGRAMMING LANGUAGES AND TOOLS                                      9

Programming  Languages  and  Tools-DesireLanguage  Characteristic-Data Typing- Control                   Structures-Facilitating     Hierarchical     Decomposition-Packages-Run    time (Exception)                   Error         Handling-Overloadinand   Generics    Multitasking   Low   Level Programming-Task scheduling-Timing Specifications-Programming Environments-Run- time Support.

UNIT III        
 REAL TIME DATABASE                                                                         

Real time Database-Basic Definition-Real Time Vs General Purpose Databases-Main Memory                  Databases-Transaction    priorities-Transaction   Aborts-Concurrency   Control Issues-Disk Scheduling Algorithms-Two-phase Approach to improve Predictability- Maintaining Serialization Consistency Data-bases for Hard Real Time Systems.

UNIT IV          COMMUNICATION                                                                             

Real-Time Communication-Communications Media-Network Topologies Protocols-Fault Tolerant Routing Fault Tolerance Techniques-Fault Types-Fault Detection-Fault Error containment Redundancy-data Diversity-Reversal Checks-Integrated Failure handling.

UNIT V           
EVALUATION TECHNIQUES                                     
Reliability Evaluation Techniques-Obtaining Parameter Values-Reliability Models for Hardware Redundancy-Software Error models. Clock Synchronization-Clock-A No-fault- Tolerant Synchronization Algorithm-Impact of Faults-Fault Tolerant Synchronization in Hardware-Fault Tolerant Synchronization in Software
Total: 45

1.  C.M.Krishna,Kang G Shin,Real-Time Systems,McGraw-Hill International
2.  Stuart Bennett,Real Time Computer Control An Introduction,Pearson


1.  Peter     D.Lawrence,Real     Time     Micro     Computer     System     Design-AIntroduction,McGraw Hill,1998.
2.  S.T.Allworth, R.N.Zobel,Inroduction To Real Time Software Design,SeconEdition,Macmillan,1987.
3.  R.J.A  Buhur,  D.L.bailey  ,An  Introduction To  Real-Time  System,PearsoEducation,1999.
4.  Philip A.Laplante Real-Time System Design AnalysisThird Edition,Prentice Hall,2004.

5.  Lics, Real-Time Systems,First Edition,Pearson Education,2000

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