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080230059 Open Source Tools and Components CSE 8th Semester Anna University Coimbatore Syllabus Regulation 2008

Anna university Coimbatore Syllabus

080230059 Open Source Tools and Components CSE 6th Semester Anna University Coimbatore Syllabus Regulation 2008

Department of Computer science and Engineering 

Meant for Anna University Coimbatore,trichy,trinelveli

(Regulation 2008/2010)
University:Anna University
Year: Fourth  Year
Department: B.E Computer Science and Engineering 
Semester:  (VIII) 
Content: 080230059 Open Source Tools and Components CSE 8th Semester Anna University Coimbatore Syllabus Regulation 2008
Subject code: 080230059
Subject Name: Open Source Tools and Components
Regulation: 2008 or 2010 
Post Type: Syllabus

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UNIT I        

Overview of  Free/OpeSource  Software-- Definition  of  FOSS  &  GNU,  History  of GNU/Linux and  thFree  Software Movement ,  Advantages oFree Software and GNU/Linux, FOSS usage , trends and potentialglobal and Indian. GNU/Linux OS installation-- detect hardware, configure disk partitions & file  systems and install a GNU/Linux distribution ; Basic shell commands - logging in, listing files, editing files, copying/moving files, viewing file contents, changing file modes and permissions, process management ; User and group management, file ownerships and permissions, PAM authentication ; Introduction to common system configuration files & log files
;Configuring networking, basics of TCP/IP networking and routing, connecting to the
Internet (through dialup, DSL, Ethernet, leased line).

Unit II         

Configuring additional hardware - sound cards, displays & display cards, network cards, modems, USB drives, CD writers ; Understanding the OS boot up process; Performing every  day  tasks  using  gnu/Linux --  accessing  the  Internet,  playing  music,  editing documents and spreadsheets, sending and receiving email, copy files from disks and over the network, playing games, writing CDs ; X Window system configuration and utilities -- configure X windows, detect display devices ; Installing software from source code as well as using binary packages. Setting up email servers-- using postfix (SMTP services), courier (IMAP & POP3 services), squirrel mail (web mail services) Setting up file services -- using samba ( file and authentication services for windows networks), using NFS ( file services for gnu/Linux /Unix networks) ; Setting up proxy services -- using squid ( http / ftp / https proxy services) ; Setting up printer services - using CUPS (print spooler), foomatic (printer database)

Unit III       

Setting up a firewall - Using netfilter and ip tables; Using the GNU Compiler Collection GNU compiler tools ; the C preprocessor (cpp), the C compiler (gcc) and the C++ compiler (g++), assembler (gas) ; Understanding build systems -- constructing make files and using make, using autoconf and autogen to automatically generate make files tailored for different development environments ; Using source code versioning and management tools -- using CVS to manage source code revisions, patch & diff.

Unit IV                                                                                                                                  

Web Server: Apache Web server Working with Web Server Configuring and Using apache web services MDA: Introduction to MDA Genesis of MDA Meta Object Facility UML UML Profiles MDA Applications.

Unit V                                                                                                                                     

Basics of the X Windows server architecture; Qt Programming; Gtk+ Programming, Programming GUI applications with localization support

1.  Stephen J. Mellor, Marc Balces, Executable UMS: A foundation for MDA, Addison,2002.
2.  N. B. Venkateshwarlu (Ed); Introduction to Linux: Installation and Programming,B
S Publishers; 2005.
3.  2 Matt Welsh, Matthias Kalle Dalheimer, Terry Dawson, and Lar Kaufman, Running
4.  Linux, Fourth Edition, O'Reilly Publishers, 2002.
5.  3 Carla Schroder, Linux Cookbook, First Edition, O'Reilly Cookbooks Series,


1.  Open Sources: Voices from the Open Source Revolution, First Edition, January
1999, ISBN: 1-56592-582-3. URL:
2.  The Linux Cookbook: Tips and Techniques for Everyday Use, First Edition, Michael Stutz, 2001. URL:
3.  The Linux System Administrators' Guide, Lars Wirzenius, Joanna Oja, Stephen
Stafford, and Alex Weeks, December 2003. URL:
4.  Using GCC, Richard Stallman et al. URL
5.  An Introduction to GCC, Brian Gough. URL:  http://www.networktheory.
6.  GNU Autoconf, Automake and Libtool, Gary V. Vaughan, Ben Elliston,Tom
Tromey and Ian Lance Taylor. URL:
7.  Open Source Development with CVS, Third Edition, Karl Fogel and Moshe Bar. URL:
8.  Advanced Bash Scripting Guide, Mendel Cooper, June 2005.
URL: GTK+/GNOME Application Development, Havoc Pennington.

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