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080230065 C # And .Net Framework CSE 8th Semester Anna University Coimbatore Syllabus Regulation 2008

Anna university Coimbatore Syllabus

080230065 C # And .Net Framework CSE 8th Semester Anna University Coimbatore Syllabus Regulation 2008
Department of Computer science and Engineering 

Meant for Anna University Coimbatore

(Regulation 2008/2010)
University:Anna University
Year: Fourth  Year
Department: B.E Computer Science and Engineering 
Semester:  (VIII) 
Content: 080230065 C # And .Net Framework CSE 8th Semester Anna University Coimbatore Syllabus Regulation 2008
Subject code: 080230065
Subject Name: C # And .Net Framework
Regulation: 2008 or 2010 
Post Type: Syllabus

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UNIT I         
INTRODUCTIOTO C#                                                                            

Introducing C#, Understanding .NET, Overview of C#, Literals, Variables, Data Types, Operators, Expressions, Branching, Looping, Methods, Arrays, Strings, Structures, Enumerations.

UNIT II          
OBJECT ORIENTED ASPECTS OF C#                                                9

Classes,   Objects,    Inheritance,   Polymorphism,   Interfaces,    Operator    Overloading, Delegates, Events, Errors and Exceptions.

UNIT III          
APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT ON .NET                                           

Building Windows Applications, Accessing Data with ADO.NET.

UNIT IV          

Programming Web Applications with Web Forms, Programming Web Services.

UNIT V           
THE CLR AND THE .NET FRAMEWORK                                             

Assemblies, Versioning, Attributes, Reflection, Viewing MetaData, Type Discovery, Reflecting  on  a  Type,  Marshaling, Remoting,  Understanding Server  Object  Types, Specifying a Server with an Interface, Building a Server, Building the Client, Using SingleCall, Threads.
TOTAL : 45


1.  E. Balagurusamy, Programming in C#, Tata McGraw-Hill, 2004. (Unit I, II)
2.  J. Liberty, Programming C#, 2nd ed., O’Reilly, 2002. (Unit III, IV, V)


1.  Herbert Schildt, The Complete Reference: C#, Tata McGraw-Hill, 2004.
2.  Robinson et al, Professional C#, 2nd ed., Wrox Press, 2002.
3.  Andrew Troelsen, C# and the .NET Platform, A! Press, 2003.
4.  Thamarai Selvi, R. Murugesan, A Textbook on C#, Pearson Education, 2003.

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