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CS2204/CS36/EC1207/10144 CS 305/080230008- Analog and Digital Communication (ADC) UNIT III Part B Question Bank

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CS2204/CS36/EC1207/10144 CS 305/080230008- Analog and Digital Communication (ADC) 
UNIT III Part B Question Bank

Department of Computer science and Engineering 

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Question Bank
(Regulation 2008/2010)
University:Anna University
Year: second Year
Department: B.E Computer Science and Engineering
Content: CS2204/CS36/EC 1207/10144 CS 305/080230008- Analog and Digital Communication (ADC) UNIT I Part A Question Bank 
Subject code: CS2204/CS36/EC1207/10144 CS 305/080230008
Subject Name: Analog and Digital Communication (ADC) 
Unit Number: 3
Regulation: 2008 or 2010 or 2013
Post Type: Question Bank



1. State and prove Sampling theorem.
2. Explain various data formats with clear example.
3. What is eye pattern. What are the interpretations obtained from it?
4. Write notes on Intersymbol Interference.
5. Explain in detail the Nyquist criterion for distortionless transmission of baseband PAM
6. Write notes on adaptive equalization.
7. (i) Describe in detail the PCM technique with focus on its sampling rate, and signal to
quantization Noise ratio. (8)
(ii) What is ISI? Explain the applications of eye pattern to detect ISI. (8)
8. (i) With a block diagram, explain the adaptive Delta Modulation technique. (8)
(ii) What is DPCM? Explain its principle with neat block diagram. (8)
9. (i) Explain the elements of PCM system with a neat block diagram. (12)
(ii) What is companding? (4)
10 (i) Find the signal amplitude for minimum quantization error in a delta modulation system
if step size is 1 volt having repetition period 1 ms. The information signal operates at 100 Hz.
(ii) Describe the operation of DPCM system with a relevant diagram.(12)
11. For a PCM system with the following parameters, determine
(i) Minimum sampling rate
(ii) Minimum number of bits used in the PCM code
(iii) Resolution and
(iv) Quantization error
Maximum analog input frequency = 4 KHz
Maximum decoded voltage at the receiver = 2.55 V
Minimum dynamic range = 46 dB.
12. Describe DPCM transmitter and receiver with suitable block diagram.
13. (i) Draw the block diagram of a PCM transmitter and explain the function of each block.
(ii) What are the types of sampling? Explain the operation of the sample and hold circuit. (10)
14. Draw the block diagram and describe the operation of a delta modulator. What are its
advantages and disadvantages compared to a PCM system? (16)
15. What is companding? Explain analog companding process with the help of block
16. How does delta modulation differ from PCM? Explain delta modulation transmitter with
the help of a block diagram.
17. (i) Explain in detail the Delta modulation transmitter and Receiver. (10)
(ii) Discuss the draw backs of delta modulation and explain the significance of adaptive delta
modulator. (6)


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