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Change Color and Size of post Title in Blogger | Blogger tricks

Here I am gonna explain the different ways to change the color and Size of your blog Post title.

Different Effects that can be done
Changing Size of blog Post title
Changing color of blog post title
Managing Effects such as Bold,Underline and Italic

Step 1: log in to your blog

Step2: choose the desired blog if you have many

Step3: Go to template part of your blog

Step 4:Then choose Customize Option which is available near edit option button

Step 5: Then u will be redirected to a Blogger Template Designer which appear like this..

Step 6: Choose Advanced option form the list

Step 7: Choose Blog Title form the list of Options available 

Step 8.1:Choose anyone fonts from the list of Fonts 

Step 8.2: If you want to make post title bold choose bold option
If you want to make post title Italic choose bold option

Step 8.3:If you want to increase the size of post title ,increase the size

Step 9: Finally give "apply to blog" option available in top right corner of you blogger

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