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How to Change the Search Engine in (TOP Search) Omnibox on Google Chrome |Google Chrome Tricks

here  Iam gonna explain how to change the search engine on the omnibox.

when u type something on the top of the web browser you will be shown with the search results of some search engine.this top search is known as onmibox.
This Omnibox can be made to other Search Engines

Note: Only the following search engines can be used

  1. Google
  2. Yahoo
  3. Ask
  4. AOL
  5. Bing

This can be done in following steps
Step 1 :Open your Chrome browser

Step 2: type " chrome://settings/" on Address Bar

Step 3: There will be different list of categories available 

Step 4: From that choose Search Category

Step 5: From the list of Search engines choose your desired one

Step 6:if you want other than the given list click on Manage Search Engines

Step 7:You will be shown like this

Step 10: Type your search engine on other Search Engine category

Step 11: click on done button .Now when you Search something on address bar you will be shown the search results in search engine give by you.

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