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080290075 Wireless networks ECE 8th Semester Anna University Coimbatore Syllabus Regulation 2008

Anna university Coimbatore Syllabus

080290075 Wireless networks ECE 8th Semester Anna University Coimbatore Syllabus Regulation 2008

Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering 

Meant for Anna University Coimbatore

(Regulation 2008/2010)
University:Anna University
Year: Fourth Year
Department: B.E Electronics and Communication Engineering 
Semester:  (VIII) 
Content: 080290075 Wireless networks ECE 8th Semester Anna University Coimbatore Syllabus Regulation 2008
Post Type: Syllabus

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UNIT I                   INTRODUCTION                                                                          
Introduction     Fundamentals     of      Wireless      Communication     Technology     – Electromagnetic Spectrum – Radio Propagation Mechanisms - Characteristics of the Wireless Channel Wireless LANs and PANs Fundamentals of WLANs IEEE 802-
1Standard  HIPERLAN Standard  Bluetooth  Home RF   Wireless Sensor
Networks Optical Wireless Networks-

UNIT II                  NETWORK   PRINCIPLES                                                                 

Air-Interface Design -    Radio Propagation Mechanisms Path Loss Modeling and Signal  Coverage  Effects of  Multipath and  Doppler- ChanneMeasurement and Modeling techniques Simulation of Radio Channel Wireless Medium Access Alternatives Fixed Assignment Access                                            for Voice-Oriented Networks Random Access for Data-Oriented Networks Integration of Voice and Data Traffic– Wireless Network Topologies Cellular Topology Cell Fundamentals – Signal-to-Interference Ratio Calculation Capacity Expansion Techniques

UNIT III                NETWORK  OPERATIONS                                                      

Wireless Network Operation Mobility Management Radio Resources and Power Management –  Radio Resources and Power Management –  Security in Wireless Networks - Wireless WANs GSM and TDMA Technology CDMA Technology IS-
95 and IMT-2000 Mobile Data Networks CDPD Networks GPRS     - Mobile
Application Protocols-

UNIT IV              INFRASTRUCTURELESS NETWORK                                            
Introduction Issues in Ad Hoc Wireless Networks Medium Access Scheme – Routing      - Multicasting Transport Layer Protocols Pricing Scheme Quality of Service  ProvisioninSelf  Organization  –  Security   Addressing  and  Service Discovery Energy Management Scalability Deployment Considerations Ad Hoc Wireless Internet-

UNIT V               MAC PROTOCOLS                                                                    
Introduction Issues in Designing a MAC Protocol for Ad hoc Wireless Networks Bandwidth Efficiency Quality of Service Support Synchronization Hidden and

Exposed Terminal Problems Error-Prone Shared Broadcast Channel -   Distributed Nature/Lack of Central Coordination Mobility of Nodes- Design Goals of a MAC Protocol for Ad Hoc Wireless Networks Classification of MAC Protocols Contention Based Protocols Contention Based Protocols with Reservation Mechanisms – Contention  Based Protocols with Scheduling Mechanisms MAC Protocols That Use Directional Antennas Other MAC Protocols-


.Kaveh  Pahlavan-  Prashant  Krishnamurthy  Principles  of  Wireless  Networks- Pearson Education- Delhi- 2002 and PHI- 2005
2.C- Siva Ram Murthy and B- S- Manoj  Ad Hoc Wireless Networks Architectures and
Protocols- Pearson Education -2nd Edition -Delhi -2004.

3. Ron Price, Fundamentals of Wireless Networking, TMH,2007.
4.   William Stallings- Wireless Communication and Networks- Pearson Education- Delhi- 2002

5 .Dharma Prakash Agarwal and Qing An Zeng-Introduction to Wireless and Mobile ystems- 2nd Edition- Thomson Learning- New Delhi- 2007

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