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080290076 Telecommunication Switching and Networks ECE 8th Semester Anna University Coimbatore Syllabus Regulation 2008

Anna university Coimbatore Syllabus

080290076 Telecommunication Switching and Networks ECE 8th Semester Anna University Coimbatore Syllabus Regulation 2008

Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering 

Meant for Anna University Coimbatore

(Regulation 2008/2010)
University:Anna University
Year: Fourth Year
Department: B.E Electronics and Communication Engineering 
Semester:  (VIII) 
Content: 080290076 Telecommunication Switching and Networks ECE 8th Semester Anna University Coimbatore Syllabus Regulation 2008
Post Type: Syllabus

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Transmission  Systems-  FDM   TDM  -     Line  Coding  -  SONET/SDH:  SONET Multiplexing Overview- SONET Frame Formats- SONET Operations- Administration and Maintenance- Payload Framing and Frequency Justification- Virtual Tributaries- DS3 Payload Mapping- E4 Payload Mapping- SONET Optical Standards- SONET Networks- SONET Rings: Unidirectional Path-Switched Ring- Bidirectional Line- Switched Ring-

UNIT II   DIGITAL SWITCHING                                                                         
Switching Functions- Space Division Switching- Time Division Switching- two- dimensional Switching: STS Switching- TST Switching- No-4 ESS Toll Switch- Digital Cross-Connect Systems- Digital Switching in an Analog Environment- Elements of SSN07 signaling-


Timing: Timing Recovery: Phase-Locked Loop- Clock Instability- Jitter Measurements- Systematic Jitter-  Timing Inaccuracies: SlipsAsynchronous Multiplexing- Network Synchronization- Network Control- Network Management-

UNIT IV                  DIGITAL SUBSCRIBER ACCESS                                                 

ISDN: ISDN Basic Rate Access Architecture- ISDN U Interface- ISDN D Channel Protocol-    High-Data-Rate Digital Subscriber Loops: Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line- VDSL-  Digital Loop Carrier Systems:  Universal Digital Loop Carrier Systems- Integrated Digital Loop Carrier Systems- Next-Generation Digital Loop Carrier- Fiber in the Loop- Hybrid Fiber Coax Systems- Voice band Modems: PCM Modems- Local Microwave Distribution Service- Digital Satellite Services-

UNIT V                 TRAFFIC ANALYSIS                                                                  
Traffic   Characterization:   Arrival   Distributions-   Holding   Time    Distributions-   Loss Systems- Network Blocking Probabilities: End-to-End Blocking Probabilities- Overflow Traffic- Delay Systems: Exponential service Times- Constant Service Times- Finite Queues-


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Education Ltd, New Delhi, 2001.

5.           Syed R Ali, Digital switching systems, McGraw-Hill, New York 1998.

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